Snowmobile Mania

Welcome to Knight Owls Trails!

These are the best-groomed trails in the county. They run from the scenic and historic Harrison Hills trails that traverse glacial moraines, upland hardwoods, pass through cedar swamps, and along small creeks and lakes, to running on 333 acres of Lake Alice.

There are great pit stops on the trail system and even picnic and restrooms at Otter Lake Recreation area. Hotels and motels are on the trail in the Tomahawk area.

The 65 miles of the Knight Owls snowmobile trails connect the southern part of the Lincoln County Trail system to the northern part of the county. It also connects to Taylor and Price County trails in the west. Going east it would get you back to the county system that connects to Langlade and Onieda trail systems.

If you are interested in joining the Knight Owls, simply print out our Membership Application and return with membership fee.